Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Five

I know, it would be better to use X is for Ten, x being the much trickier letter to come up with something original for, but "X" is already written, and Five is more significant...

We have five children, let me tell you their story.

Our oldest is sixteen. She just began to drive last weekend. She's only been on the road two times and the police have suggested never again...just kidding...She loves life, her bird, reading, playing cello, and most of all, not school! We have had a great few days in a row with her watching her grow up, driving, taking risks, making excellent choices, hanging out, laughing. Its been a great few days. We know that life isn't easy when you are sixteen, but she's shown a lot of resilience over the years and is showing it again right now. She is awesome.
Four of five in Savannah, Georgia...I know, boys in pyjamas

Our next son is seven, going on seventeen, like his big sister. We were only married ten months when he arrived. Having a much older sister, we thought it would be best for her and any subsequent siblings to have our children as soon as possible so they would have a few years together before our number one girl moved out. He is a tremendous guy. My wife wrote about him just last week. He loves to learn and spend time with people. He just wants to be a man.

Our next son is six. When he was born, the doctor said, "No more". We said, "okay". Number three child is an absolute joy. He is so much like his big sister we always tell her, "if you want to know what you looked like when you were little..." and she has to laugh, though she has never apologized yet... He loves sports and games of any kind. He loves to tease, he loves to snuggle, he is learning to read and is a great math student.

Our next little fella is our three year old foster son. He is so precious. Everyone who knows him sums up their experience with, "He is so well behaved." And he is. He is polite (often). Wants to play (always). Loves his mommy and brothers and grandma. Loves food and copying his older foster brothers too. We have loved having him in our home (one year and four days as of this writing) and it looks like we get to continue to enjoy him for the next several months as well.

My dear wife with her boys
Lastly, we have our three and a half month foster son. He is the reason I am awake right now at 3:53 am typing this. "Live from Orillia, its Wednesday morning!" He too is the best behaved child you can imagine he eats, sleeps, stares and laughs. Our youngest son was laughing with me yesterday that there is only three things that makes him fuss, "feed me", "change me", or "burp me". He seems to be a very happy little guy and what a story he will have to tell some day. We just hope and pray that we can help in giving him the foundation he needs.

There are our five, a longer post than I usually write for A to Z Challenge, but thanks for taking the time!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A most heart warming post Ron, what a lovely family you have.
You are well blessed.


Petra said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and beautiful family. I thank God for using you as foster parents, not an easy job at all. God bless!

Sabrina said...

:) Yep that is our fantastic five!

Our life will seem so quiet when we are back down to the fantastic three!

Thanks for the being a great part in this fantastic journey :)

Stay at home dads said...

That is one great happy family you have there. You should be proud...and I'm sure you are!

The Father of Five said...

Great post!! I too am a father of five.

24 year old son ("Technically" a step-son, but I don't think of him that way.)

16 year old son.

15 year old son.

11 year old daughter.

8 year old daughter.

Stumbled upon your site through DaddyPlace "Dad Bloggers Unite!". I'll be sure to check out your little slice of the world wide web over the next few days!!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ron .. so good to read about the little ones and one grown up - oh boy I remember getting in the car and learning to drive - so pleased you all had a great weekend ..

Cheers Hilary

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