Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Godfather

So we finally watched The Godfather a couple of nights ago. What a fun, great movie... well, disturbing might be another word to add to that description, but we both really enjoyed it.
Probably the acting was what made it so good. That and feeling like I knew the culture slightly.
What really struck me was how like the church this could be. People can look after one another. Don't say anything about your family, family comes first. Look out for one another. Don't be surprised when you are asked for a favour. Respect and expect respect.
Of course there is also fear, murder and unfaithfulness, and, though I've just finished reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown about 20 minutes ago, that should not be what the church looks like and I know it, so don't shoot me... Wait, maybe a bad use of the language there. At any rate, I'd say if your tolerance for blood and gangster movies is pretty good (remember this movie was made in 1972, a pretty strong point in American film making, but a gritty time too), then you should love this movie. I know its alway number one or two on most "Best of" lists, its number three on ours down this page somewhere. Not too bloody, language is pretty good, all in all a great classic