Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Build a better mouse trap, PLEASE!

The person who comes up with a way to eliminate report cards can instantly retire and become honourary head of every teachers' union in the world.
I'm not complainin'...
I'm just sayin'.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I didn't feel right posting these pictures on my blog... as they are really my dearest husband's interests... So i did what any dear loving supportive wife would do.. I hacked into my husbands blog to post these picturesfor him:) !
Here we are walking the boardwalk on family day..aren't we cute!

Here are the real pictures! Owls!

We were driving home from karate, and we saw him sitting on the side of the road.
He was beautiful.
And Big!
Maybe my Ron will add what kind of owl it is when he reads this!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We lost

and then people say, "we always win." Isn't it amazing how a one year winning streak makes us "always winners?" (Basketball I'm talking here, folks)

Thankfully, there were no 100-0 games, but the winning team sure was awesome!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hope, Springs, Eternal, Part 2

Siince "hope" is the word of the year, and since baseball is back for 2009, I thought it is only appropriate to appropriate (consider the witty word play) the two into one post today...

Last year I predicted better things for the Nationals. Sadly, though some of my "predictions" were right on, others, were way way off.
"Healthy Nick Johnson" is one of those lines like... "why did the chicken" now... meant to be a joke, but its going to be painful.
This year we have Adam Dunn, who I expect less from than he's delivered in the past, which is less homeruns, strikeouts, lower on base percentage and disappointment. Perhaps compared to the anticipation of getting Mark Texeira anybody else was going to be a let down.
Catching is still an issue, forget what I said last year...
The outfield only looks good when you compare it to the infield. It is only adequate.
Sadly the pitching last year was slightly adequate and the offense went south. This year, I expect the offense to improve, the pitching to disappear. What does that mean? I expect we'll win the division! Hope springs eternal, remember!?

On a very important note, we're heading to Florida this March, and we'll get to see some of the young talent at a spring training games between the Nats and the Orioles. Should be fun.