Monday, December 01, 2014

NaNoWriMo Review

Well, its December 1. Its just after midnight. I made it through November (see last post for reference point.).
What I did not do was complete a novel.

What I did do, was average 1200 words a day for the month (400 words per day less than I needed to average to complete a 50 000 word novel, the standard to reach for in the challenge.) Although I'm disappointed in not completing it, this is still more than I expected when I started. I thought the first ten days would be ok, and they were, I stayed at or even ahead of schedule. As life got busier, I began to fall behind and there were even a couple of days in the last week where I wrote nothing at all.
You can check out my progress here. If their site will let me keep updating, I may just do that. I am determined to figure out what happens to my characters. They can't stay like this. Well, one of them has to. There's no bringing you back when you're dead. Not in the genre I'm writing.