Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for quiet moments

I have pre-scheduled almost all of my A to Z posts. Tomorrow's is written, Saturday's too. Not Thursday's, no. When we first started getting this challenge fired up back in January or so, I proceeded to write almost all of what I am posting this month. I've edited as the days approached, but, the heavy brain work has been done ahead of time.

Not so for "Q".

Q has been eluding me.

Tonight (the night before the Q day) it came to me though.
Q is for Quiet Moments.

One of our sons is a very emotional lad. He carries himself like an adult and has a great desire to learn. Emotions though can and do get the best of him. We've been working with him to get those to work for him, not against him, but its often more of a do-as-I-say, than a do-as-I-do thing.

Well, tonight we had a little sit down, lets-try-this strategy moment with him, and he snuggled in and entered into the idea with us. Then he and I had a few quiet moments to color together. Those quiet moments reminded me of why we do what we do.
We are in this thing together.
Might as well enjoy it and work at making it better.
We want to do it right.

Any suggestions for quiet moments with boys? Or teeanage girls?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I have too much quietness in my life since being widowed and the children all have flown the nest, except for my music life is very quiet for me.

A good choice of word for the challenge Ron.


Tara Tyler said...

hard to get those boys to enjoy quiet moments. i have 3 =)

find what interests him besides video games which is a differnt kind of quiet time for me!

here are some quiet things mine like, and not all like the same thins. legos, drawing, board games like chess, life, monopoly, and the latest stratego; reading (a last go to, but school forcing them is having a positive effect!) taking the dog for a walk, and making lists of fantasy teams

you're a great dad for wanting to try!

lizy-expat-writer said...

My father used to call his afternoon rest "A bit of P&Q" = peace and quiet. Quiet moments with my kids were serendipitous, but one I remember particularly was a car journey with my youngest. He was ten, and I had taught him to map read for the journey, and he did very well. The whole trip was a quiet, together time. And of course, the best way to have special time with any child is to let them talk and LISTEN.

Jess said...

I posted about quiet today, too! Although, I guess there aren't a TON of Q words out there, lol :)

Nice to meet you!

Melissa Bradley said...

Thanks for visiting me on this awesome Challenge! I love quiet time and my nephews are a rambunctious lot. My fave quiet time with them is reading at night just before bed.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ron .. not having kids - I have no idea .. the easiest way to appease them is to do what they want - usually!

Somehow take their minds off things ...

Good luck - but a lovely Q words .. cheers Hilary

jan said...

Fishing. Definitely.

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