Monday, April 02, 2012

B is for Beliefs and Aunt "Bee"

Here are a few of the common philosophies and beliefs that rock our kids’ world.  Ideas and ideals that make it hard to be the people we hope and pray they will grow to become.
            He who has the gold, rules.
            Fame is more important than talent.
            What’s popular is good.
            What’s good is not popular.
            Gender doesn’t matter.
            God is dead.
            Challenging the party line is intolerant.

B is also for "Aunt Bee"

Its a bitter-sweet day in our extended family today. Four of my nieces are losing their Aunt Bee for a while. At the same time, two nieces, one nephew, one daughter, two sons and two foster-sons are getting their Aunt Bee back. Three of those people have never met her face-to-face before.

My sister has spent about 720 days in the Philippines living with my brother and his family. My sister-in-law blogs here by the way and she's trying the A to Z Challenge too. Today she rides a silver bird for Canada, her home and native land. We can't wait to see you Aunt Bee (or Cant Bee as one little one says :))

What beliefs do you see out there that challenge our kids worldviews?


susan said...

That you can get something for nothing

That you are entitled to respect come what may

oh I could go on..!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Not always the case, but I believe that children will reflect what they learned from their parents. I have observed many parents lacking time with their children, letting them spend too much time on the computer, or electronic gadgets, etc. Another thing is that often parents fail to teach respect and manners to their children. I always taught my son to greet people, to say "thank you," "excuse me," etc.

Now, about your Aunt Bee, what I find so gracious is that everyone loves her, everybody want to be with her... She must be a special lady!


Jessica Bell said...

I find kids just don't beat around the bush. They observe what is there, rather than analyzing life to death like us :) So I'm not sure their views are exactly challenged, but rather their interest is just piqued.

Jenn said...

I guess it depends on the kid and who is teaching them, not just parents, but everyone who is involved, including peers. Maybe the one I see among older kids--just going out into the world is a sense of entitlement...where they feel they should be given things instead of earning them. I do see it among many but not all. This one bothers me the most.

Cheers, Jenn

Donna K. Weaver said...

Too right about the things we hope our children won't learn.

I'm glad you're going to be able to see your sister again. My father was career Navy, and we lived there for two years, when I was growing up.

Brianna said...

...That it's okay to step on someone else to get ahead.

Baggy said...

That made me think. Thank you.

The Insolitus Lupus said...

Why does gender matter? Shouldn't we all be for gender equality? Or equality in general? I for one am sick of being treated differently than my male peers (getting lesser pay, having people treat me as "dainty" when I am a well accomplished young woman that is capable of hard work and very much enjoy it). And what does it matter if a child turns out gay? My best friend is a gay male, and he is still a wonderful person. Not to contradict you or anything, but why should things like gender matter? We are all human after all, and that statement caught me as being a bit sexist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Aunt Bee!
We are just waiting to see you!

Libby said...

Hope Aunt Bee had a good trip!

Jess said...

There's so much impatience in the world today. Life has no value. It's frightening.

Monkey said...

That peers can be wrong..

~Blog Hopping from A to A Challenge~

Sharkbytes said...

What people believe ain't always the same as the truth. I just signed on to the A-Z challenge, nearly at the last minute, but I'm trying to visit every blog at least once.

Arlee Bird said...

Went to your sister-in-law's blog and became a follower. Very cool.

Kids today are confronted with so much more than what I had to deal with when I was young. It's a real challenge for parents.

A Few Words
An A to Z Co-host blog

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Thanks to you all for the comments!
I think there are some really great suggestions that I will explore a little more as time goes on at Dads UnLimited.
Aunt Bee is still enroute, in fact as I type this at midnight EST, she is in Dubai, and will be for another four hours or so. She won't be in Toronto until tomorrow at 4 or 5 pm.
A huge thank you to Insolitus Lupus for daring to say, wait, I don't agree. We are often very shy to disagree, but I think it was great to hear a divergent point of view. I left her a comment on one of her sites to answer what she says, but suffice it to say, that I agree that using gender to discriminate is wrong, but to say that there is no difference between the genders is equally misinformed. The science doesn't back that up.

Diligent Writer said...

I think we all need to stand up and help all of the children. They have so much more to deal with than we ever did. I used to play outside until the street lights came on. LOL! A lot of them can't. The world is a very different place than it was then. Good post!


Betty Alark said...

A lot of youth today worship entertainers and desire to be just like them;they start off watching them from birth practically and have no real sense of their own identiy.

I think having ones own identity is one of the main challenges that rock youths world today.

Anonymous said...

By the way I did arrive and have been popping by here all month :)

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