Saturday, October 25, 2008

When you've got to play tag...

My wife tagged me in her blog to repost this...

How exactly do you say "no"???

1. Where is your cell phone? pursed
2. Your significant other? terrifiyummywonderfuliscious
3. Your hair? Going
4. Your mother? loves
5. Your father? example
6. Your favorite thing? numerous
7. Your dream last night? forgotten
8. Your favorite drink? coffee
9. Your dream/goal? "Well-done"
10. The room you're in? orange-carpeted
11. Your fear? lupuslipophobia
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
13. Where were you last night? Here
14. What you're not? complete
15. Muffins? carrot
16. One of your wish list items? HolyGhostBuilding
17. Where you grew up? Bancroft
19. What are you wearing? j's
20. Your TV? humming
21. Your pet? peeves
22. Your computer? ubiquitous
23. Your life? lively
24. Your mood? pensive
25. Missing someone? Bronwyn
26. Your car? rolled
27. Something you're not wearing? halo
28. Favorite Store? Chapters
29. Your summer? anticipated
30. Your favorite color? seven
31. When is the last time you laughed? ce soir
32. Last time you cried? ... hmmmmm,
33. Who will/would re-post this? you
34. Four places I go over and over? crazy, Kleinburg, Timmy's, Hillside
35. Four people you email over and over? Sabrina, myself, principal, DAmessagboard
36. Four of my favorite foods? breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks
37. Four places I would rather be right now? Bed, Cuba, upstairs, Heaven

Someone else edited out the ones missing, not me...


Sabrina said...

The irrational fear of being chased by hungry timber wolves across a newly-waxed floor in your socks....really THAT is your fear!!!
why didn't you ever tell me.. no wonder we still have carpet in our kitchen:)

Anonymous said...

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