Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Many of you have likely heard of this movie. Its a new "Documentary" in a post-modern sort of way. As the title implies, it ridicules religion. Now, Monty Python did a great job of that in "The Life of Brian" and everyone knows that our relligiosity deserves a good dressing down from time to time, so don't get me wrong. I used to really like Bill Maher, meaning I used to watch his talk show a few years ago. With that in mind it was disappointing to hear that this was his choice of ways to depict his ideas.

This post is not about the movie.

This post is a reminder to us as believers.

This post is a reminder that giving press, however limited is only stirring up what Maher and his like are wanting. Ignore it and it will go away. Sadly it will likely harm a few people. Most of those will already agree with him in the first place. That is God's problem, not mine. I'm sure that I can do more good by living out my "religiosity" in a loving, relelvent, honest, gracious way than I can by lambasting "Religulous".

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