Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What in the name of America was I just watching?

I just sat through the Barack Obama Show. Made for tv. Schtick politics. Kitsch for Americans. If Hallmark had made one of their made-for- tv movies and had just one voice half shouting over mellow dramatic music, they would have been derided in the post broadcast summary. This was so blatantly feel-good, so heart string tugging, so well, bad, that I could hardly believe that a sophisticated party like the Democrats would allow this to go out over the air! What in the world could they have hoped to gain from this? One thing I have been trying to do with this blog is to assume that the people reading are intelligent. I just watched the Democratic Party tell the voting public that they think they don’t think they can see through cheesy music and feel good sound-bites and photo-op pictures. And I wanted this to be good.

See, I’m kind of cheering for Obama, as a Canadian. I want to vote conservative here, but I want to watch carefully and see what voting liberal might do at such a perilous time.
I also want America to have graduated to being the kind of place where he can win. There have been enough clips of Republican supporters showing their ignorance and bigotry regarding just his name to make me want Obama to win.

I just don’t get what they had to gain by airing this stuff tonight. There have been no polls I have seen or heard that made it likely he would not win. Now I’d vote against him just because he treated me so ignorantly.

I don’t know what to think. We just watched the Canadian election go through smear ads and sadly they seem to have worked. I just don’t know how some publicity people can sleep at night seeing what they have done, manipulated the public for their own good. When will substance win again? Has it ever? Can someone remind me?

Now come on Rays! Redeem the tv night!

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Sabrina said...

I'm sorry honey, and the Ryas didn't even pull through for you:(
Hope today is a better day:)
Love you