Friday, October 10, 2008

We Need a Saviour

I saw that our local Christian station is going to be playing the "classic" MW Smith song "We Need a Saviour" in their upcoming retro show. Now, normally that wouldn't make me pause, though its one of the few MWS songs I'm familiar enough with to like.

What it made me think of though was that we have this world that really needs a saviour. Sadly, Revelation tells us that its a saviour from peace on earth. Right about now, the media is trying to play things calmly, yet the quotes from "experts" (the old saying goes that if you stretch all the economists end to end, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion) seem to be saying that the co-ordinated effort of the world banks to lower interest rates simultanteously was a great thing. People like to think that everyone else is just as helpless as they feel. They also want to know that there is a higher power, unified in doing us all good. From that, you can see that if one person stepped forward to rescue us from financial uncertainty that we would follow almost unconditionally.

Sadly, like the ancient Jews, we are looking in the wrong direction. Our Saviour still hangs on a cross, dying to be noticed. Meanwhile we stare at the stock market


Sabrina said...

I didn't understand this line....
"People like to think that they are just like everyone else, that there is a higher power, unified in doing us all good."

But what a great thought. Thanks for the reminder.

Inside Out said...

I'm going to edit that line, it is badly worded!