Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overheard in the schoolyard... part 2

Okay, I wrote this post yesterday, (as most of my posts are not spontaneous, but tend to exist in some form or another on the old laptop for a few days before they ever appear here)but perhaps now it is put into a new light. I guess there was far more pressure on Stephane than just as it pertained to his party.

Obviously bad timing for Stephane Dion. He's obviously still sore from the ATV interview just a couple of days ago. The feeling is understandable.

How does this public reaction stand him in good standing with the public? He has had hours to prepare himself for that walk. He's got handlers, people who are there to help him put his best foot forward. Instead of walking out and saying, "Candians have spoken they've chosen Conservative, but they've asked us to be the Opposition, to make them accountable. We accept." He says, "Stay away from me. Do you know why I'm pouting?"

Once bitten twice shy is understandable, but this is still a man who wants to be Prime Minister.


Sabrina said...

Ha, schoolyard is right, what a poor sport!

Inside Out said...

I've got one more in this series... but way out of the political arena.