Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, what have we learned?

In the soon to become immortal words of the CIA directors from "Burn After Reading..."

"What have we learned from all this?"

" I don't know, sir. Not to do it again. Whatever we did."

Good-bye election. Hello status-quo. We've re-arranged the furniture. Does it make the place look less cluttered? Or are those deck chairs we're shuffling and this is the Titanic?


Sabrina said...

Up to late watching the election were we?!
(At least I was!)

Anonymous said...

not the status quo in our riding!!! Big shocker here.... bye bye to the popular (not to me) Lui hello Paul. Hopefully he'll answer my questions better than ole'Lui did. It was a tight race, only about 400 votes difference but I'm glad for a change.

Inside Out said...

Your riding comes way over to just above our school. I was watching that one last night because it was so close. I guess it is a good point, status quo for the country does not mean status quo for everyone does it!?!

Anonymous said...

i hope not. I really did write to the guy a few times and sent many messages via oneclicklobbyist but he only wrote back once and told me my opinion was not that of the riding so he wouldn't be voting against his party... never did.. in fact, I checked his history. I don't remember him polling the riding on any subject to see if we really did have an opinion different from his party. If he did he didn't ask me :)
Anyway, I do hope the status quo has changed for this riding. You can bet I'll be keeping an eye on the new guy too and reminding him that since he represents me this is how I'd like him to vote on the issues...
some opinionated eh? Just trying to be a good citizen :)

Inside Out said...

Where can you go to find how they voted?

Anonymous said...

i'll email you at your hotmail