Monday, March 05, 2012

Foster can do it!

The other day, I got an email link to an article by Kevin East. His blog’s link is at the top right of my own. He was guest posting on In that post, he listed a few reasons why he and his family got into foster parenting. Not wanting to miss a good opportunity, I thought I would share our family’s reasoning for making the same decision just over one year ago.

We have often talked about adopting. After the birth of our now 5 year old son, we were advised by our doctor that another pregnancy was not a good idea for my wife’s delicate organs.

As our son approached school age, we began to think that perhaps the time had come to begin thinking about adoption. We began doing some research and the dollar signs were a little disappointing and frightening to be sure. I do think this is a good thing. We want people adopting who are going to take this very seriously. Tens of thousands of dollars is a good way to make sure you are taking it seriously, for most of us...

We looked into our local Children’s Aid Society. We thought we would inquire about adoption but were informed that the greatest need was for foster parents. After a couple of days to think about it we were quickly screened and entered into the nine week training program. I was very impressed by the consistent attendance over that nine week period, I do not think anyone dropped out of the thirty or so who went through the program with us.

Throughout this time period we were consistently challenged with some of the realities of foster parenting. Nothing can fully prepare you, but we were given lots of opportunities to think it through.

Why did we decide to give it a go, to actually take children into our home?

  1. There was a need, especially for homes willing to take newborns.
  2. We thought it would be a good example for our children of caring for those who need it.
  3. As Christians, we believe we need to make an impact for good in our society.
  4. As Christians, we saw ourselves as being adopted into a family we didn’t belong to from birth, accepted by a loving Father who cares for us as His own. We believe that if we are wearing His name we should follow His example.

There is a lot of need, there are lots of opportunities, its worth looking into if you have lots of love and some time.

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Naila Moon said...

I too was a foster care mother for a short time. I took in a teen. It is rewarding and not for the faint of heart all at the same time.

So many children need adopting but I think sometimes the US makes it too hard to adopt and children get lost in the shuffle.

Kudos to you and anyone else who wants to adopt. My Dad and niece were both adopted.

Peace...Naila Moon

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ron .. not having children of my own, nor now being married - the aspect had never raised its head above the parapet - though now I do see, know and read about a few.

Sadly I'm past it now - but I can help in other ways in due course .. and by your love shown here - it is obviously a very good cause .. those kids didn't chose to be in their tenuous position in life - offering them a caring home is wonderful.

The UK makes it hard too .. so I understand .. glad you're doing your bit of gold for someone - they'll be so appreciative .. with thoughts - Hilary

Rek said...

I wanted to adopt a girl child but being a single woman, nearing her forties and financial not "in the very well off" category, means, the dream was nipped in the bud...funny, there are so many orphans, abandoned children and yet they are rigid about rules... preferring to let them spent most of their lives in an institution than a home where they would be loved, cherished and cared for to the best of abilities.
Our cultural norms don't encourage the concept of foster homes.

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