Friday, February 03, 2012

Five free things to make an indoor day with your kids enjoyable

Today’s post is a list of free wintry/rainy day ideas to do away from home.  I wrote this post for a few months ago but I’m splitting it up here for your enjoyment.  Next Friday will be rainy day ideas to do at home.

          1.)        Head to your local library.  New books, new music, new movies.  You will soon have lots of novel (excuse the intentional pun) items to entertain for hours.

          2.)        Indoor playground.  Some fast-food restaurants and malls have indoor play places.  Is the energy level building at home?  Let them burn it off at someone else’s place!

          3.)        Play date.    New toys and new personalities make it far more interesting to go visiting than to sit at home arguing with the same mom or sibling!  Plus, mom or dad enjoy the benefit of adult conversation and a good hot drink at the same time.  Don’t forget to reciprocate next rainout.  Invite your hosts to your place and watch the forecast!

          4.)        Scavenger hunt at the mall.  Depending on the age of your kids you can come up with easy games, like finding “things that are green”, or if they are older, “things that start with “j” or “something to give to Uncle Ben for Christmas.”  You can make it as unique as possible without even entering a store.

          5.)        Volunteer somewhere.  Is there a local seniors’ residence where you can go?  Could the local SPCA use help?  Is your church in need of cleaning their nursery toys?  Food bank?  An older or needy neighbor?  What better way to clear the gloom from your day than to brighten someone else’s!

What are some tried and true ideas that work around your home?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ron .. good ideas here - and the idea I do like the volunteer aspect - especially in this day and age: everyone needs a cheer - and the oldies most certainly do .. 'adopt' a granny ... is an idea ..

Cheers Hilary

V. Furnas said...


Some great ideas! I like that they are all tech free. I look forward to reading more. Here by way of A to Z.

MynameisEarl said...

Mate, I have total utmost respect to you and your blog. I'm 17 and I'd hate to sound like a 50+ year old who thinks life should be simple but I can't help it.

Here goes, I believe that the 90s kids were really the "last kids". What I mean is that they (including me) knew what it meant to be like as a kid. We ran around in the rain, played ball outside with friends and stayed carefree until we hit the age of reason. We were forced to grow because of our peers and not what was shown to us by the media. That I think made us more conscious of things. All of what we learned (experiences/wisdom) were passed down to the next generation of kids.

Nowadays most kids are too, how do I put this... Weak. Weak as in they do not know how to stand up for themselves. Weak as in they expect everything done for them. Weak as in they can't hold a conversation face to face and rather do it online. Weak as in some can't even talk to the opposite sex without fear of not doing it like in the movie.

A lot of your posts bring back the childhood in me, and that's saying a lot. Please continue this blog, fathers, mothers and older brother & sisters should know the content here and how useful (IMO) they are.

Reading from your bio you're a god-fearing man and I respect that. Even though I'm no longer a practising Catholic (Agnostic) I hope the notion "godspeed" will help you further your blog.

Cheers buddy!

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