Monday, February 06, 2012

Be the best dad you can be for your kids.

Be the best dad you can be for your kids... I guess that’s really the theme for this whole blog, but, I was thinking about the specific wording which headlines this post.  There are two ways to think about that sentence because there are two nouns. There is dad, and there is child.  There is me being the best dad I can be.  There is me being the best dad I can be for the child(ren) I have.

Think about it this way.  You have a boy who loves art.  You don’t love art.  You have no talent for art as far as you’re concerned.  Being the best dad you can be, you learn to love art, you learn to be better at art.  Being the best dad you can be for your kid, you encourage him to be the artist.  You pursue what is best for them, not what you wish they would do.  

How do I project my desires onto my children?  Do I live vicariously through them?  Do I allow them to be who they are?  


geofftakeson said...

First, thank you for following my own Geoff Takes On... blog. Second, I am glad to see a father writing about raising children. Popular culture seems to forget about fathers in the parenting equation. I've had the privilege of staying at home with my daughter for over six years and I can think of no other accomplishment that I am more proud of. So often we identify with our jobs - "What do you do?" is often one of the first questions out of someone's mouth when you meet them. Not that work isn't an important part of lives, but, really, is there anything more important than raising a child? "I'm a father and a husband" is what I now say when asked what I do. Public servant is far down on the list.

Great blog. I look forward to following it.

Marta Szemik said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job with the kids. I do let the kids explore their creativity. It's rare for me to say "no" to something (unless it's dangerous) and no goal is 'unattainable'.

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Your blog is so thoughtful. You are really thinking and asking great questions.

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Geoff: I've been laid off for a few weeks so I'm enjoying spending more times with our kids too. God, wife, kids...everything else is later, if not in time, in priority.
Marta: my theory is better than my practice, but its good to hear that it can be done and I will continue to work on it for our children.
Melissa:Thank you!

Arlee Bird said...

This is so true. My dad was a great dad. I tried to be the best Dad I could when my kids were growing up. Now my greatest reward is the sweet thank yous I get from my adult kids telling me what a great dad I was and seeing them be great parents to their own kids. It's a pay it forward type of thing I think.

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Naila Moon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and being my 100th follower and for your kind comments! Thank you so much.
I am now returning to follow you in kind.
Peace...Naila Moon

Naila Moon said...

Mentioned you! THanks again!

Naila Moon

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ron .. we can over do it - my father used to end up knowing more than I did - it used to frustrate me ... as it was my speciality! I just wasn't learn'ed enough!! Now - perhaps another matter ...

I had to up my brain power for my uncle, and he had to come down to my level and thought processes in the blog - he was a brilliant man.

But I had an accolade this a.m. from one of the Nursing Home residents .. as I passed her door and she was talking to a friend - I heard "she gets you thinking .. and gives you something interesting to think about" - blogging has benefitted me in many ways.

I can talk about art now to some minor degree .. so join some art blogs - it's ephemeral, but I learn by absorption ..

Cheers and enjoy the time at home with everyone - they'll be good days to look back on .. Hilary