Saturday, April 30, 2011

Voting for Veterans

Canada has an election on Monday. How many is that now in so few years? That's the joy of a multi-party system, minority governments and special interest groups in Quebec.

I wish we weren't heading to the polls on Monday.

However, I'm glad we get to vote, and I will if the river don't rise.

We seem to have gotten the idea that Remembrance Day/Veterans Day is an important day, finally. However, until we have a better turn out on election day, its like showing up to church on Easter or Christmas. Its better than nothing, but it looks more like duty than a true understanding of the bigger issues. Why did we fight? Why do we need to vote? It couldn't happen again, right?

Vote, left-wing, right-wing, I don't care who for. I just care that you exercise the right.

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