Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Does anyone care for Charlie Sheen?

It is sad to think that a fellow human, who has made terrible choices and lives with the consequences, is being exploited as news. It is also terrible that someone is exploiting him by booking him to tour so people can sit and watch while he crashes and burns.

This man has human children. Does anyone care about them? Who will be there for them as they watch the man they call "Daddy" is paraded before them day after day.

Does anyone care?


Sabrina said...

Yes. I do care.
Thanks for the challenging post.
I hope more people will care. I hope more people will not buy into the publicity around it. Maybe if we all stopped watching; people would stop exploiting others misery.

Faith said...

I think some people care to the extent that they hope the man gets help. Others seem to care because it's like a train wreck -- they can't look away.

We'd all be better off if we either ignored him or sent letters of request to his publicist to stop sticking him in the public eye at such a trying time.

It's sad, really.

Matt Conlon said...

This is a tough question, and although I'm very interested in hearing others' thoughts about it, I'm not sure I'm ready to share mine in a public forum.

For now, I think I'll follow and weigh in at a later date. :)

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