Monday, April 25, 2011

Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop

O and P, one fell swoop...
are the two main characters from Fringe. We have been watching season two of Fringe, the Hitchcock-like thriller of a television show that takes you to very strange places, then twists things up till it is stranger still. Dunham and Bishop are two very effective characters because of the human struggle that the writers work very hard to incorporate into who they are.

The show itself revolves around trying to line up known science with scientific anomalies, things that are rumoured, but not provable, things like spontaneous human combustion, astral projection, and telekinesis. It also introduces alternate universes and moving back and forth between them. Quite intriguing if you like that kind of show! And we do.


Anonymous said...

Not sure when the movie Source Code comes out there but I just watched it and it's maybe something you'd may be a bit too simply done for ya but I liked it...oh so you'd likely not :) But hey its a recent movie that doesn't seem to be having much hype. Now as for fringe, I've never watched it and since I did not like Lost...well I may check it out if I'm looking for something.

Inside Out said...

Fringe is a little more freaky than LOST, but a little less edgy too.

I saw Source Code advertised and thought it looked intriguing.