Monday, April 25, 2011


Very late, been writing a bit, but having a hard time getting things posted, dial up and kids and life, you know....

What would I write, if I could write a novel?
What I would write is what I like to read. My favourite books lately have been ones that involve complex growing characters more than anything else.

Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, Annie Dillards's The Maytrees, any of David Adams Richards works, Tolkiens' Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird, anything by Dickens, and most of the rest of my favourites all entail characters growing, maturing, overcoming their weaknesses, etc.
Even the most popular of modern works which we tend to think as revolving around suspense, medical intrigue, international terrorism or espionage are usually more tightly wound around the main characters' struggles.
I even have a part of a story rattling around in my head, involves strange human behaviours and overcoming the past, redemption, the human struggle. Just a few pages though and that's taken over a year... no hurry!


Anonymous said...

I'd read it! :)
And if my box of books is in your attic and you're bored :) I know one that you might enjoy...might.

Anonymous said...

Try Joel Rosenberg for fast moving up to date action. But if you want to know why he writes what he writes read his non-fiction book: "The Epicenter". It is best to read the novels in order as the characters are multiple and hard to sort out when you jump into the middle.. as I found out!! You know how I read!

Sabrina said...

which one's that B? I've got two on the go and a stack beside the bed, but I'm always looking for one more :)

Do you have "The Epicenter", Mom?