Saturday, April 02, 2011


Behaviour with a "u"...a perfectly acceptable spelling of the word for those of us unafraid to embrace our British roots/routes.

We took in a class on discipline and behaviour today. Funny how you go in thinking its going to be about children and you come out thinking about yourself... "Why do I?", "Why don't I?", all the questions come flooding in. I had to re-address my long held belief that self-awareness is the key to good discipline. I must admit that I have not really thought about that for a while, however, I reaffirmed it today as a necessity. I must be self-aware to discipline my self, and I must be self-aware in my disciplining of my children. Great to be reminded of. For me that is.

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Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

And how true is that!!!!
Hello to you, too, from all the way up the road! It's nice to meet fellow bloggers in the neighbourhood. Funny how you find someone close in a blogswap that has hundreds and hundreds of people.
Good luck with the challenge!