Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Its a city in Pennsylvania. Its the name of a pirate, an 80's singer, a hockey stick or baseball bat, and the middle name of a writer. Its also the name of a street in my hometown...and the one I've had to live up to my whole life.

The farther back our family tree you go, the more George's, David, James, and Roberts you find. Not many others once you go back more than 80 years. We have a family tree that takes us back to the 1700's and it appears that George Foreman got his childrens' names from my family tree.

The name means "One's from the East", so nothing too dynamic there, but I have come to think that the name means, "do the right thing". I just made that up. I think it fits though. I am thinking of my dear Grandpa right now. He was always "old", as most grandpas are to their grandkids I guess, but he always had energy to work and help and to keep us busy and to be excited about what he had videotaped on tv, or to take another trip somewhere and relive that by showing us the videotape he'd record while driving his home-built motorhome down the road. How we thought those movies would never we love reviewing them now, just to hear their voices!


Anonymous said...

So why don't my comments show up on blogs... here's trying again.
I really just wanted to press the "like" button but that is how shallow things have become I suppose. I remember when you brothers went to Montreal for a game and I went to Grandpa's to try out his satellite and see if we could find the game, we did but only in french but he sat through it with me!! I enjoyed it but I wonder now if he knew any more french than dad does!!

Inside Out said...

I don't think I ever heard that story, Bee. Not likely, maybe even less.:)

Join Us For Breakfast said...

"passey la burr" ;P
Hi Ron, I'm just catching up here I guess I missed a few days, it's actually the 18th and you're at M so I guess I missed a lot but had to comment here. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches :) It's nice to have a good name to live up to rather than one to live down. I think a lot about having a godly heritage and how to go about leaving on to the next generation. It takes some deliberate work. I'm grateful we've had an example to look up to. love ya! Patti