Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to the club

So today’s big news is that we’ve added a page here to Dads UnLimited.

 Look up at the top and you will see it there- the one that says Join Our Community. It has been there off and on for a while but now it actually has some content. The point of that page is to engage each other. Lets ask, add, imagine and inquire into what it may take to become better dads.

 Maybe you have a pop culture question.
 Maybe you have a problem with one of your children or your role as dad.
Maybe you have an inspiring or funny story to tell.
Pop in, join the community, introduce yourself and lets make this thing work!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Great idea though to join as a dad will have to have a sex It;s hard enough being a mother,


Will said...

Hey there! I'm now a member, so let the conversation begin!

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Thanks, Yvonne for the early morning smile.
Will, you're number one! But then, your kids already know that.

Sabrina said...

Well, I too can't join your online community, but know that I got your back here at home :)

Anonymous said...

I think its ok that its just for Dad's!! There seems to be so much out there for Mom's and Mom groups etc. But Dad's are just as important and encouraging each other to greatness is always a great thing!! So you Dad's go have fun :)