Friday, January 20, 2012

Hit the floor

First off, stay tuned for a fun bit of news coming on Monday. I am hoping to make this place a little more interactive and Monday will be the beginning of that.

 Its Friday so here’s an idea for you...Get on the floor (not now, after you’ve finished reading this…).

 From this perspective things look different. You see that sock under the chair that someone was just missing, yes. But, you also see the world of the little people in your home. While you are down there, wait a few seconds… unless your children are in bed or are immobile, within that few seconds, they may just come to you. How often does that happen when you sit on the couch reading or watching tv? How often does that happen when you are texting or surfing blog posts?  You have arrived in their space. Be careful, fun may just ensue.

Now, get off that chair and get on the floor!


Will said...

I've found that when I'm on the floor for something else, like figuring out wires for something, then I have a wee'un tumbling over me. I't's a lot of fun, when I'm not trying to do something else!

Sabrina said...

I love it :) After I vaccum, I am going ot get on the floor today.

Join Us For Breakfast said...

Coffee believes that any person lying on the floor is there for him to climb even if it's his mommy trying to relieve a sore back :) It always ends with some laughs.

Join Us For Breakfast said...

By the way, on blogger dashboard it always shows me you've posted things that don't show up for several days. Is that because you send them to draft or somehow can set a post to show up on a different day than you write it?

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

I'm not sure about that, though sometimes when I set the post to come on in the future ( I have been doing these on the weekend and timing them for the days ahead) I accidentally post them for a few minutes, so maybe those ones show up? Is there anything there now (if you see this before Monday!)

Anonymous said...

I played on the floor with our littlest niece this morning and she looked at your pictures and listened to your voices :)