Monday, January 16, 2012

My Dad

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a very quick post about my dad. He’s the last of a great generation. The day I posted that, he was heading for triple bypass surgery. Since then, he’s struggled back to his old self. Though, maybe they should have fixed those knees when you were out of commission too, Dad!

 As I grew-up matured aged, I realized that everyone else thought their dad was from a different age as well, if not a different planet. However, when I hear Tom Brokaw speak of “The Greatest Generation”, I think of my dad. Though technically he wasn't born for several years after the generation Brokaw speaks of, to me he always seemed to be from a different time period from everyone else. He wore fedora hats, when everyone else’s dad didn’t. He had conservative rules, that even my conservative friends’ dads didn’t seem to have. He was never out of control. He was never domineering. He was never lazy. He was never afraid to say what he believed. In short, he was everything kids resist, but everything that we as adults strive to be.

 I know my dad's not perfect, but that doesn't matter to me. He does his best, and that does matter to me. 

So, what did I learn from my dad about being a dad?
                   You have to be consistent.
                   You can be firm without being domineering.
                   You can be respectful and respected at the same time.
                   Yelling isn’t necessary.
                   Working never hurt anyone.
                   Family holidays are important.
                  When it comes to matters of faith, live what you believe.

 I am sure there is more to be said about my dad as the months roll by, but for now, off the top of my head, that’s some of what I learned from the best man I know.

 What did you learn from your dad?


Anonymous said...

I learned a lot of the same from our Dad but I hope soon I learn to apply those things too!
Love you Daddio

Anonymous said...

And throwing in a bit of corny humour never hurts!

jnana said...

My dad's taught me so much- I've written a post about him once:

welcome to my world of poetry said...

As my dad passed away when I was three years of age I can't really remember him. I knew his relations (or some of them) but I know my daughter learned such alot from her dad. She was a daddies girl and with me was with him until he took his last breath.


Retired Knitter said...

My own dad died over 40 years ago. He was a troubled man. But when he was at his best, he was wonderful. No individual lessons stood out sadly. I have one letter he wrote me before I went on a Girl Scout trip. It is cherished now after so long a time.

Thanks for visiting my blog. My current postings are related mostly to yarn, being a knitter, but the blog is pretty eclectic in focus ... come visit again sometime.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ron .. I'd have loved to have known my Dad more - I picked up a few bits and pieces from his brothers, and from his brother-in-law - but only snippets ... I'm sort of piecing some aspects of his life now - I'll never know, but by looking through the glass I can understand I hope more ..

Glad you had a peaceful time with yours ..

Cheers Hilary

Join Us For Breakfast said...

Hope you read this, Dad! I think you're tops too!