Monday, May 31, 2010

Top Ten Country Albums

Well, here are my country discs. I'm not a great country fan, meaning I wish I knew more of the older classics (Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Petula Clark, etc.) I didn't go with the really old stuff (Arlo Guthrie, et al) either because its hard for me to draw a line between folk, Americana and older country. I also tried to avoid bluegrass since its a totally separate genre at our house. Of course, like all good music, the lines are blurred even within any given song. Most of these discs are "new country" because that's mostly what we have, thanks to my dear wife. I must admit, like all styles of music, if its well done, its good. What I most like about country is that the lyrics have to be done well (or cheesy, but even then, they have to be clever covered with cheese) and usually there is good instrumentation in there too.

Travis Tritt- Down the Road I Go
A sentimental favourite for me, Great Day to be Alive, Love of a Woman for the two women in my house.

Garth Brooks- Ropin’ the Wind
Just a lot of good songs on there. The River...Burning Bridges, Shameless

Diamond Rio- The Reason Probably my favourite one of all these, and the newest too. God is here for the bigger picture.

Dixie Chicks- Fly
Ready to Run, Cowboy Take Me Away, and of course, Goodbye Earl. I always liked that they said what they said about the war too. Its too bad that country music wasn't able to hear a different side of things, especially when they got blamed for saying something that they didn't really say...

Shotgun Angel- Daniel Amos
Just have to give a nod of the head to Daniel Amos' early days as an Eagles-infused country group. Oh yeah, what a meal!

Cash – Ultimate Gospel
A lot of wonderful songs, this is what all gospel should be like, I think.

Johnny Cash- The Essential Johnny Cash
This one made my top 15 desert island list... I don't think I saw Johnny on anyone else's list? Why is that?

Randy Travis- Always and Forever
A sentimental favourite as its the first country album I ever heard from beginning to end and it was several times one summer at camp in Quebec... 1988?

Once Upon a Christmas- Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
Its Kenny and Dolly... come on!

Statler Brothers- Random Burned cd of Christmas Songs, must be burned because I can’t find any record of this being an official disc, but on our iTunes, they’re all together. And they’re fun.



Hi I loved reading your list, I included Johnny Cash, The Walk The Line album, being from the UK it's natural I don't know a few of who you chose but it was your choose as was Arlee and myself.
If we all liked the same thing what a dull world, thanks for taking part,

Take care.

arlee bird said...

Interesting choices. I too avoided Bluegrass, although I was tempted--maybe I need to do a seperate list of bluegrass. I probably have CD's by all of the artists you mention. "Shotgun Angel" will probably be one of my Christian favorites next week.

Tossing It Out

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