Thursday, May 13, 2010

I guess there was no mistake after all.

I thought God made a mistake. I was mistaken. See, I thought he was supposed to be looking after our family, making everything wonderful and blessed and fullfilled and joyful and well, I started thinking it was supposed to be the American Dream. I even forgot I wasn't American for a minute! Then I realized that that wasn't his job. Well, not completely. I forgot I was in a process of growth that began at birth and will end at sanctification, in heaven. I'm likely only half way through that process, though I may be 90% done, who knows, oh, yeah, other than God... I digress.

Then it happened.

I realized the truth. He loves me. He wants me to grow in faith. I have to go through trials to do that. If I don't go through stuff, I won't grow. I've begun to imagine Him watching me. Smiling as I fall off my bike, gently breaking the fall even. He smiles as I mispronounce my words. Laughs at the things I know to be true but are based on something I saw on a cartoon. Laughs again as I put my shirt on backward for the fourth time this week.

He's not laughing at me though.

He smiles because last year I only rode a tricycle. Two years ago I couldn't talk at all. Laughs because even though I don't remember my facts correctly, at least I'm remembering things and getting a chance to learn it for real. Last week, I put my shirt on backward 7 days in a row. I think I'm failing. He sees me grow. I don't see where I'm going, that there are motorcycles, speeches, books, tuxedo's all in the future. He does. And He smiles. And He lets me try again.


Anonymous said...

Sure true!!

arlee bird said...

All part of life. What doesn't kill us make us stronger someone has said. We should rejoice in our trials and thank God when we've overcome them.


Sabrina said...