Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best of the rest

A bunch I wanted to take but couldn’t. Who came up with the number 15 anyway? Isn’t the desert island the reason the iPod was invented?

Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas I really like Aaron Neville and I need a few Christmas albums. This one’s a great one.
Avocado Faultline-Terry Scott Taylor for so many reasons
The Best of Bob Dylan- just because he’s Bob
The Best of Sting and the Police- Different from everything else I’m taking and I just like Sting
Best of Van Morrison- Lots of good reasons on this one too, especially Brown Eyed Girl, to remind me of mine.
Blender-Collective Soul- A couple good reasons, mostly “Speak My Language”
Circle Slide-the choir This one just says “home” and that’s what I’d be thinking of every waking minute if I was on a desert island.
Dig- Adam Again- funky sadness. Kind of an oxymoron, but works beautifully.
Doppelganger- Daniel Amos One of the most significant albums I own because it got me into a lot of great books, then great writers, then just opened my eyes to lots of things I never really paid attention to before. But. I can’t take it with me because then it would make me miss the hundreds of books I can’t take with me.
Grace Shaker-LSU Like every LSU release, edgy and real. This one also seasoned with grace.
Eighty Eight-77’s Just because it’s a fun fun listen.
Eye of the Storm-Mark Heard… Someone else (Glen?) had this on their list yesterday and I had to go back and add it, another one I only have on tape. Wonderful gentle songs, Well Worn Pages being one of my favourites.
Fly-Dixie Chicks Just because every once in a while you want to drawl “Goodbye Earl”.
The Jesus Record- Rich Mullins I just love “My Deliverer”
Knowledge and Innocence- Terry Scott Taylor Again, this album reminds me of home and church and family and the sad, good things of life.
The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees- The Lost Dogs “Only one Bum in Corona Del Mar”
Perfumed Letter- Bill Mallonee Great memories.
Shaded Pain- LSU Artsy angst. Weird sad strange wild songs.
Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits : Simply for Sounds of Silence, since its what I’ll be experiencing, though not how they meant it.
Songs-Rich Mullins: Simply for “If I Stand”. What a song.
Space Oddity- David Bowie Simply for Space Oddity. I feel a parallel with Major Tom and me on my little sodden lump of sand.
Star Bright- Vanessa Williams Christmas comes even on deserted islands
Sunday’s Child- Phil Keaggy What a great album, 25 years after the British invasion, this was the last one I scratched from my list.
V.O.L- Vigilantes of Love- I don’t even know why I want this one specifically, but sometimes Bill and the Vigilantes just suit the mood.
We All Gonna Face the Rising Sun- Michael Roe ‘Cause I haven’t had time to fully digest it and I love it anyway.
Wide Eyed Wonder- the choir This one would make me cry and I couldn’t work on my own personal survival. I just can’t take it. “Listen to how fast my little girl’s heart beats” Plus its got a bunch of weird wonderful sad songs. That puts it at the top of any of my lists.
Zoom Daddy- Swirling Eddies Simply for “The Twist” But it might be fun to put “Some Friendly Advice” to the test.

I must admit that there are lots of other songs I’d really miss, but mostly for the lyrics and you can always sing them yourself, especially if no one else is around. Is that you, Friday?


DJ GlenMC said...

Good bunch of "Best of the Rest" CDs. Some of those actually made my top 15. Wide Eyed Wonder. Eye of the Storm. Vigilantes always good. Yes, Sunday's Child is a good one too.
I could go on and on. You and me sounds like we have highly similar tastes in music.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

arlee bird said...

I like them all. 15 is very limiting-- 150 is easier. I have several of these in my collection.

Tossing It Out

Adam said...

I think you've got a lot of my picks for "desert island" albums as well.

"Dig" is definitely one of my all time favorites as well as "Circle Slide."

...though I don't think there's any way I could narrow down 15 albums. Nope.