Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Humble yourself or be humbled

I've wondered several times why I really did start this blog. I know what I first wrote out, that I felt I had to get out what was in, that transparency was something I thought I needed to develop. I wonder though. Do I really want transparency or publicity?

There are many people padding statistics and trying to get people to notice them. Too many with nothing to say or offer. I wonder if I just want to attract flies, as I put it before.

I've been forced to think a lot about humility lately. I wrote that sentence like that on purpose. I think I have to be forced to think about humility. I don't really want to. I need to.

We've been talking a lot at our local church about humility and the need to humble ourselves. How we risk killing ourselves off if we are so certain we are right that we ignore or criticize others. We have to have beliefs, but we have to submit to others as well. Not to change our beliefs, but to challenge ourselves and others in their beliefs. If they're true, they'll stand up to the challenge. If they're not true, they need to be toppled anyway.

We have certain things we hold on to as followers of Jesus Christ. If we give those up, we cease to follow him. All roads do not lead to Him. He doesn't give us that option. John 14:6.

We have certain things that we believe to be true, things that we believe the Bible teaches us to be true. Things that we know others disagree on, based on the Bible. Those things we need to humble ourselves on.

Sadly, the third category tends to be the one that causes the majority of tension, simple preferences. These are not based on Scripture, just pure tradition, likes/dislikes, or comfort level. These we must submit to one another on. We do not have to exercise our freedom. We have the freedom to not cause problems. We have the freedom to live out love. We have the freedom to ignore our own rights. We have the freedom to enjoy our liberty and the liberty of others.

We have to humble ourselves. We don't want to wait until He has to do it for us.


arlee bird said...

I often find service to others to be such a difficult proposition. I like my personal comfort and when leaving that comfort zone it often comes down to humility and sacrifice. It can be so difficult for many of us...but you're right about making the decision myself or being taught a difficult lesson in humility.

Tossing It Out

Sabrina said...

It is often easier to look outside our own selves when it comes to being humble.
That was the main theme in our last study... realizing how big our own responsabilities are. Starting at home.
It was humbling :)


Sometimes I find it hard to get out of my comfort zone due to reasons that are personal, but I don't like to waste life either, If I can help someone less fortunate than I the I will.
I enjoyed your post and look forward to your Top Ten Country Hits.