Thursday, January 17, 2008

A thought or two

I've been thinking about negative attitudes.

The Samaritan leper comes back to thank Jesus, but nine of his buddies run off to the priest. Why? What did he say to them when he turned back? Did he assume that the others would be doing the same thing? Did he tell them what he was doing, but they just stared dumbfoundedly at him as he turned around and ran away? What went through their heads as they watched him disappear over the horizon? "Huh, why's he doing that?" It is puzzling to me and I can't imagine what the exchange must have been like. Why did only one come back?

I wonder who it says more about, the one or the nine? Do their statistics expand into the rest of the world, are ten percent of us aware of what God is doing in our life? Do ten percent of us give glory to God? Do ten percent of us think of Him first, our own benefits further down the list? Do ten percent of us see Him at work to bring glory to Himself, ahead of seeing Him as a cosmic Santa Claus handing out things to keep us happy?

The likelihood of me being in the 10 percent stands at roughly, oh, 1:10.

Second thought...

If all things work together for the good of those who love God, then I need to stop complaining. If I persist in these sniviling whines, then either: a) I don't believe that verse, b) I think God is a liar, c) I don't understand the word "all", d) I don't love God, e) I've been to the future, and I lose, or, f) I think "good" means financial, health, (ie temporary things).

Since "I'm a complicated guy, sweetheart" ( to quote Sawyer from 'LOST') its likely a pretty good combination of some of the above. I guess now I must do something about this knowledge.

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Sabrina said...

wow, those are some biting challenges!
Makes me stand back and re-evaluate our own current situation.
Thanks for the thoughts
Love you