Thursday, January 10, 2008

A follow up to the hungry post

Some say it's insatiable
Some say it just unhooks its jaws
And then it swallows most anything it wants
Even a full grown fat man

This posting is in response to my post from a few days ago, about the song lyric and what it meant to me.

Well, Patti had a really great idea, pride... That would be really close to home in the metaphysical use of the word "home". I was using the word home a little more literally.

The lyric refers to...

our littlest boy. Man that lad can eat. Sorry it wasn't any deeper than that:(

The song itself refers to greed especially the greed of big business as it swallows up the little people and companies around it. The insatiable appetite belongs to a "big long boa" (greed) which swallows even the big fat man who represents the over-indulgent corporate world.

I hope that was worth the wait, I know it wasn't what you were looking for, but maybe it will make me post something more about Chagall Guevara ...


Anonymous said...

forget it I'm not guessing ever again!! Patti

Anonymous said...

Cute, and here I thot you were being deep!!

Anonymous said...

Today is Grampa Harry's 109th b'day
Jan 10, 1899


Sabrina said...

Happy Brithday! Tomorrow is Bronwyn's 12th Birthday!
Don't stop guessing Patti it is what keeps us young and hoping!

HAHAHAHAHA.. I should have guessed as you were singing that while loading the dishwasher!