Thursday, January 10, 2008

Since Mom brought up Grandpa Harry.

It’s Grandpa’s birthday Mom reminds me. When I think of Grandpa, I think of stories, of a man who lived a life that was worth reminiscing about. He would have loved this internet thing, a whole new audience to turn his stories out to.

Today he would have been 109. He lived to 96 as it was, so we can’t lament a short life! I don’t know how many times I think of him in the course of a week, likely once or twice. Sometimes it’s pictures, sometimes it’s a story, sometimes it’s standing with my hands behind my back.

I don’t ever remember him driving. It was always Granny. He used to say, “Whenever I take my eyes off the road you start heading for the ditch!”

I guess Grandpa was always old, to me. I know he was young once, I heard lots of those stories from him, but he was 72 when I was born and likely at least 76 or 77 by the time I remember him.

My favourite Grandpa story was one that I never heard from him. The story of how he would sneak his Bible out to the barn to do some business with God. This was before he really knew what a relationship with Him, through Jesus was about. He was able to find himself in the Gospels and come to know the Saviour. This was around the age of 45, Mom will have to let me/us know what the odd verse was that the Lord used to bring him to Himself.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa. I know you’re busy today, enjoying heaven, bird watching if they do that there. Either that or sitting on a bench reminiscing. If he’s 85 in heaven, that is.


Sabrina said...

I love you..
Here's to another 50 years of memories to make for our kids and grandkids!

Anonymous said...

I never heard that story about grandpa, Ron. Have you more details to that Margaret?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the verse was "a little child shall lead them", something to do with being convicted through one of his small children. Mom will confirm.

Anonymous said...

Bee, maybe it was if I by the power of...don't remember... cast out demons... how much more shall your children cast them out... I'd better go look it up. Mom, where are you? Help us out?