Friday, January 04, 2008

Release it and let it go.

So I've had this song lyric in my head over the past few days. As a quiz, who can tell me who this is about, in my mind and life, not as the lyricist originally intended... Sabrina can't guess, cause I already told her... I think... Feel free to google it... though it won't help. It will likely lead me to post more on this and a related feature later

Some say it's insatiable
Some say it just unhooks its jaws
And then it swallows most anything it wants
Even a full grown fat man


Anonymous said...

ha, you want us to try and figure out what is going on in your mind? Ya right!!

Sabrina said...

you didn't tell me what it was... but did you know that if you google one of the lines you posted your blog comes up! How does it feel to be on google!

Inside Out said...

Any other takers, or non takers out there? I'll give you a hint, it hits close to home.

Anonymous said...

I'll guess pride. It's pretty insatiable. You think you're being humble about something and there you go being prideful again. Pride can keep you from so much good...confessing your sin and living in victory over something, helping others, etc... it just takes over so easily. It's a real battle.
That's my guess. Yup you can even deny you're too fat if you're proud about something else but the reality is still there...too fat;)
Not you, me.

Sabrina said...

hmm, good thought Patti. I guess Ron isn't going to tell us his thoughts on the subject......
hint hint :)