Saturday, January 26, 2008

Follow up on Grandpa's story, Part 1

Mom says she has a hard time getting the comment box to come up sometimes, so she passes this along...

apparently the verse was something along the lines of "your children cast out demons even more readily than you can" (or something, definitely Easton paraphrase there...) anyway, Aunt Donna remembers Grandpa coming in to talk to her when she was around 8 and asking her how to be a Christian. Mom remembers him coming in from the barn one Sunday morning when everyone else was at church. Mom was home sick that morning and she remembers him coming in and showing her that verse and saying he was saved. She remembers not knowing what he was seeing in that verse that she wasn't, but putting it with Aunt Donna's story, maybe there's something there.

Anyway. All that to say that I still don't know the reference, I tried looking up a verse that says that, and I'm confused as to what she's talking about, so maybe when she looks it up, we can talk about it again!!!

More than anything else though, the whole thing makes me glad that it is God who works, not we frail humans with our poor excuse for thinking. He works through all situations, and even a little child can lead us! God's Spirit doesn't need logic to work. Doesn't that make you glad that He's in charge not me...or you?


Sabrina said...

SNEAKY! When did you find the time to post this!

Inside Out said...

During a rousing game of Killer Bunnies!!