Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You gotta have Faith

So if its right when things are going well, if I know it is right when all is sunny and bright, or even when I can plan a bright future, doesn't that mean I have to believe it is still right when the end seems less certain?

I've been really challenged by my own fickle faith. I can see how God can get something done, so I allow Him to work by making choices for Him. Then, when things look darker, when I don't know how He's going to do it, I at very least begin to doubt.

I've thought a little lately about the verse that says, "Don't worry about tomorrow, each day has enough trouble of its own." When I live and react and trust, I'm dealing with today's trouble. When I worry, I'm taking on tomorrow's and therefore throwing away today's opportunities and responsibilities, adding things to this day that I just I don't need, things I can do nothing about!

Anyway, the word of the day, of every day, is now, not hope, but FAITH

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Dennis and Valerie said...

That reminds me of something I was told not too long ago that really provoked some thoughts:

"There is no grace for your imagination."

God is faithful to guide in each and every moment, even when we are not seeing Him at work and feel like we are plodding unintelligently through a plethera of seemingly redundant choices.