Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Life Lessons from 12 Angry Men

We finally got back to watching another movie on our list . This time with another Henry Fonda classic from the '50's, 12 Angry Men.

I found this movie to be really, well, I was going to say "smart". But I think it was more that they didn't play their viewers as "dumb". I really find it insulting when imagination and thought are taken out of art so that it is "dumbed-down" for those enjoying it. It is insulting in poetry, music, art, movies and tv... I don't know about dance, I don't understand that!

The only thing black and white in the movie was the celuloid it was first imprinted on. I found that its touching portrayal of human nature, of prejudice and of misconceptions was very modern. It touches on prejudice, justice, social pressure, selfishness, hatred, anger and meaning in life. How can it go wrong. The logic of the arguing and why the jury seems to be arguing out what you'd think would have been all determined in the courtroom doesn't really matter, what you're seeing is twelve interesting people (Fonda's character is the only one who doesn't really develop) all showing remarkable parts of humanity. You'll see yourself and others you have known. And hopefully, you'll think and not get angry.


Sabrina said...

I definately recommend this one to everyone. A very well done movie.
Bee, check it out.

Anonymous said...

ok,I requested it at the library