Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"God's not Dead, and Neither are We"

This post will not interest 90 percent of you. You can stop reading. For the very few of you who are interested in the history of Christian alternative music say 70s-early 90s, this post is for you.

You may have noticed Jerry Wilson's name on the right side of my blog, let your eye wander over to the right and down a bit and you'll see.... yeah, there. Anyway, Jerry's a good guy who writes an interesting, sometimes funny, always thoughtful, right-wingish blog about various issues, usually political, but other things too. At the same time, he's been writing a book for a couple of years called "God's Not Dead and Neither Are We". It chronicles the histories of some of the alternative Christian artists some of us have grown to appreciate, people from, Undercover, the choir, Daniel Amos, Altar Boys, basically my old "record" collection. He's tried to unearth some of the vision, the hurt, the growth, the joys of their stories and some of you may be very interested to read this. You can buy it right here for only $15.99. Anyway, I look forward very much to reading this some day soon. If you do, consider this information. If you don't, why didn't you quit reading when I told you to?


Sabrina said...

Is this a hint about a possible anniversary gift?
I love you.
Sounds like an interesting read... I'd like to read it when you are done:)

Inside Out said...

Well, that and Holy Ghost Building by the 77's would be awesome...

otherwise, no :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting to me! And I did read the whole entry :)


Diecast Dude said...

Never heard of the guy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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