Friday, March 14, 2008

What happened today...

Slept in!
Swept and washed (as needed) the whole first floor of the house!
Had a nap.
Read the latest Sports Illustrated, lots of steroid reporting.
Played with the boys.
Drove to Barrie.
Decided not to buy from Giant Carpet today.
Decided End of the Roll might be an option.
Drove to Orillia.
Played outside with the boys.
Played ball inside with the boys.
Ate a delicious supper courtesy of my dear mother-in-law.
Talked a long time with my father-in-law about life, responsibility and mortgages.
Went for a long walk with my wife in Walmart and Home Depot.
Didn't win anything from Timmy's Roll up the Rim. (Yesterday, Sabrina and I both won on the same trip to Timmy's, I told her earlier that it would be thirty years before that ever happened.)
Got notification from the Ontario College of Teachers that my application had been accepted!
Surfed the internet looking at all kinds of things like the Ministry of Education, Facebook and Earth Hour.
Posted this and tried to get to bed before tomorrow.
See Brenda, not deep at all!


Anonymous said...

And yet it was one of the most interesting to me!! Nice to see you accomplished so much on a beautiful march break day!!
Love yas

Ron & Sabrina Easton said...

I love you so incredibly. thank you for a wonderful March break