Saturday, March 08, 2008

Larry Norman

We lost a revolutionary member of the family a couple of weeks ago when Larry Norman passed away. He was 61. Like many of those with lots to say, he went too soon.

Heart ailments had severely slowed Larry Norman down over the past few years, but some would likely say that it may have been overused in the early days of his pioneering records, (those are big black cds, kids) which bridged Christ with the hippy culture of the late 1960's.

Love or just barely like him, Larry Norman did a lot for the sake of Christ, and like the rest of us, he did a lot to hurt it too.

He exposed our great propensity for kicking our wounded.

He exposed our hypocrisy.

He made bad business deals with fellow brothers and sisters.

He challenged many of us with his blunt lyrics.

Larry Norman was as human as Peter and as spiritual as Paul. For years, I was among his worst critics. I repent of that now. I truly believe that Larry was doing his best for the King and Kingdom, though health issues did not allow him to either follow through on promises made, or didn't let him remember things the way others did. Many of the people whom I took offense for (Randy Stonehill, Daniel Amos, Steve Scott...etc.) Have had the opportunity to forgive and forget with Larry. ( Its the least any of the rest can do with him too.

Which leads me on to something more than just Christian celebrity issues. Are we harboring? Have we let the ship of bitterness sail in and we've put it in dry dock? Well, spring is coming, get that thing back in the water and bid that frail ship, "Bon Voyage!" It may be too late soon. You might just log onto the internet some day soon and say, hey that Easton guy is dead! And then you'll just have to live with regret that we never got around to making things right. So make it right with me or whoever it is you need to do that with! I've got a short list myself to start dealing with, and no, I don't think they are reading this.

God bless.

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