Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ron Wyatt, the Chariot Wheel guy

This is a follow-up to yesterday's blog regarding Ron Wyatt and his archeological claims. You're going to find that some are very pro Ron Wyatt and others are very skeptical.
Ron Wyatt was an Seventh Day Adventist amateurarchaeologist who died in the past few years, after publishing many "discoveries". The veracity of these discoveries and his claims about them are up for public debate all over the internet. 169 000 hits were listed on Google when I put in his name.

The following articles are anti-Ron Wyatt.
-read before other tentmaker article
read this article after the first from tentmaker

This article says that an organization as big as is still researching to see whether his claims are true.
This article is a pro Ron Wyatt one, though the more I read, the less it made me believe him. is a site with some pointed questions for those who are pushing wyatt's discoveries.
Answers in Genesis is a pretty well respected organization I think. Ken Hamm is the leader. I think at one time they even worked with Ron Wyatt and later had to recant their belief in his work.
So my summary is that, a) I wish the things this guy claims to be true are true.
b) I don't trust him.
c) test all things.


Anonymous said...

makes sense, I thought the dvd we watched was from a woman but maybe it was his wife (apparently she was involved too from stuff I googled) Anyways, how bout your tribute to Larry Norman :)
ps happy march break!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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