Monday, May 07, 2012

Make 'em work for it.

I read two very interesting books last week. Not blogging frees up several minutes for other valuable things like reading. Both books were by Donald Miller, best known for his best selling Blue Like Jazz memoir. The two I read were Father Fiction and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years .

The salient point to this blog that Miller makes in the first book is that we too often look at work as a curse and pass that idea along to our children. This brings about a sense of wanting things for nothing, but also of viewing work itself as a negative thing. Effort is required, Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I always told my children if they needed anything to save up and buy it rather than go into debt.
I also gave them chores like being responsible for their own bedroom and take their turn in washing the dishes. I don't think it did them any harm.......well at least I don't think it did.


Li said...

A Million Miles sounds like an interesting book. And a break from blogging does free up time - much as I love it, I took a week's break and it freed up a lot of hours! :-))