Thursday, February 19, 2009

We lost

and then people say, "we always win." Isn't it amazing how a one year winning streak makes us "always winners?" (Basketball I'm talking here, folks)

Thankfully, there were no 100-0 games, but the winning team sure was awesome!



Sabrina said...

That's kinda funny...we always win!
We were talking about winning today at the abttle of the books practice round, and some of the kids obviously have a we don't need to win attitude and others have a we want to win outlook. So hopefully they will all pull together as a team and.... why not win!

Patti and Bruce said...

I heard the 2nd place team was pretty good too but way out of the league of the 1st placers.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost

Sabrina said...

The Christian schools, senior boys basketball tournament was this past Wednesday. Both Bruce and Ron's school competed.... Was Bruce's school second though?!

Patti and Bruce said...

yes they were 2nd