Friday, February 20, 2009


I didn't feel right posting these pictures on my blog... as they are really my dearest husband's interests... So i did what any dear loving supportive wife would do.. I hacked into my husbands blog to post these picturesfor him:) !
Here we are walking the boardwalk on family day..aren't we cute!

Here are the real pictures! Owls!

We were driving home from karate, and we saw him sitting on the side of the road.
He was beautiful.
And Big!
Maybe my Ron will add what kind of owl it is when he reads this!


Inside Out said...

You're too cute.

Great Grey Owl as far as I can decifer.

Sabrina said...

Love you:)

Inside Out said...

Here's an email I got from one of the most prominent local naturalists in Orillia. I've left out locations since its pretty controversial right now to post locations of rare birds of prey online. Some have been killed this winter being drawn to roadways by birders and photographers baiting them.

Hi Ron;

Your owl is certainly a Great Gray Owl. It is probably the same one that I have been observing on ___blank___ and again where the es ___blank____. Where you saw it is not far from ______blank____ and the owl has been hunting the ___blank____.


Sabrina said...

Strange! For a blog that rarely has pictures... no one is comenting!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'll comment but I don't know what to say, it's probably different than our owl we had at home. So, have a good day