Monday, June 28, 2010

G8/G20 thoughts

So, we've passed by the G8/G20 week.

How much do you suppose it should cost to host 20 world leaders? Apparently 1 billion is too much. I wonder how much it is supposed to cost? Headline writers who called it a "boondoggle" must know how much it should cost... Today I heard an irresponsible broadcaster say that the "police had a billion dollars at their disposal, why did things get out of hand?" Apparently that whole billion went to the police...!!!

I'm pretty glad I don't live in a country where police are not too well practiced at breaking up mobs of rampaging vandals.

Why do the police carefully say things like, "It is just a few making the majority look bad."? Meanwhile, the rhetoricians at protestor headquarters say things like, "The police are showing lack of restraint."

What exactly were the protests about?

What did they accomplish?

Why does the act of protest get more attention than the point of protest, and more than the good that may or may not have been accomplished by the gathered leaders?


Anonymous said...

For sure!

arlee bird said...

Granted I don't watch news that often, but I have heard nary a mention about riots or any problems at these summits. Every time these are held I usually hear about big todoos, but this time no.
The protestors are ridiculous and never accomplish anything positive or meaningful. They are silly exercises in anarchy.

Tossing It Out

Inside Out said...

Living this close to Toronto, there's lots of coverage on the news. Typical anarchy. Police cars burned, windows smashed, hundreds arrested, then the police get the blame.

DJ GlenMC said...

I read an article recently talking about how "protests" usually get covered by the media. The protesters push and taunt and push the police until one of cops does something, then all of the sudden, oh "the cops started it" and this what makes the news. It was the "Police's fault." risk of sounding like a sandwich board nutjob..."The End is Near!!!" LOL...

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