Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oddibe Young-Again McDowell

If you know Chris Berman you know he's got these great nicknames for athletes he throws into his sportscasts. One of my favourites has always been... Oddibe young-again Mcdowell. How he thinks of them, I don't know, but he's got lots.

Anyway, I thought of Oddibe Mcdowell and his nickname again this morning (Mcdowell's been retired for fifteen years now. We had the joy of watching our three children open their gifts and the pure joy over something like a pencil case, a colouring book, a.... brought wonder and joy back to my old calloused heart. I mean, knees to the chest leaping... those who know our kids probably know who would be that intense over something like, say, a wallet.

Anyway, here's to youth not being wasted on the young. And here's to us 'olds' who get to enjoy it!

Have a tremendous Christmas season everyone!


Anonymous said...

I remember someone, unnamed, in our family, who was airborne one Christmas over the Anne books! Great memories being made. A. Joyce

Patti and Bruce said...

Merry Christmas to youse guys :) and yes, I can guess who could leap about a wallet :)

Anonymous said...

let me guess....it's gotta be the middle child!!
happy Christmas, love youse,
Aunt Bee

Inside Out said...

Yes, yes, it was child number two :)