Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We will remember

Today was another important celebration of Remembrance Day.

I couldn't help but come to grips today with the reality of a soldier's life. For the first time I told myself I'd be okay with one of our boys joining the army. I'm not going to tuck them into bed with dreams of army life, but I do see a bigger picture now than I have been able to before.

Every time the veterans parade by, I have to hold back the tears. People clap and say thank you to them as they pass by. There is real appreciation, everyone stops for that two minutes of silence, even small children seem to know.

And I wonder, wonder how I respect the one who I'm called to remember? Do I have to hold back the tears? Do I not understand? Why can we get a (too) small crowd to the cenotaph, but a scattered few to remember Jesus?


arlee bird said...

Maybe you're more familiar with this than I, but another blog bestowed me with this "Friendship Award" and I hope you don't mind if I pass it on to you. See my 2nd post for Sat, 11/14. It seems kind of like a chain letter to me, but I guess it's a way to get more notice for your blog so I hope it gets some desirable traffic for you.


Judy Harper said...

Over from Arlee bird-I saw your name as receiving the award. Giving you blog a look see!