Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trying to Write More

I'm trying to write more, and I read this evening that when you want to write, write. If you don't have anything to say, write. You'll soon have something to say, the muse, as they say, will strike. Why I was reading about writing and not writing, well, its the story of many a life. We don't want to do, so we read about it... or watch Youtube. We pretend to be something, but its more dreaming that we are that, then the reality of who we are. Sad way to live. Life offers more to us than the option to read about living.

I've been thinking a little over the past few months, since I've left my comfortable job, of what I would do differently to end up in a different place today, well, same place but with a different job. But, I can't go back. I don't really want to. I need to have some joy in this time, this day, this moment! I can make plans for tomorrow, but not for yesterday. Why do we "what if" about the past? Because then we get to make up a life we don't have now, generate excuses for why we're not doing something (anything?)now. Its safer to fly if you keep at least one foot on the ground, right? Same for life. Grasp it firmly by the horns, as long as the horns are made of paper and don't have 2000 pounds of risk attached to the other end of them.

Get a life! Stop dreaming, the morning has come.


arlee bird said...

Ran across your blog when I was looking to see who else was a Daniel Amos fan. Noticed you were from Orillia. Back in the '80's I managed a touring theatrical company and every year we would spend a day or two in your fine town. I believe we always stayed at a motel called The Highwayman or something like that. I recall that Gordon Lightfoot was also from there.

Your blog entry somewhat touched upon what I talked about in my most recent entry. I've been doing my blog for a month now. Since losing my job earlier this year I have been trying to get focused on writing more. I have found the blog to be a good outlet for writing practice. Now I just need someone to give me some helpful critique. You appear to have been blogging for quite a while. Please check out some of my posts if you have time and give me your opinion.
I'm adding myself as a follower to your blog to keep up with your future posts and also to check more of your archived postings.

Sabrina said...

All right... I am out of bed.... now what?!

Anonymous said...

Noticed you blogged 89 times last year. 35 this year... you hypocrite!!! :) Jk.

Your bro,


Oh, check out my blog... recent entry there from 2006 or something like that. :)