Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few thoughts that are cluttering my mind

Just going to type some random musings..,

Is our Canadian health care system broken? Do the elderly get pushed out? Do we lose out on treatment options? I don't really think so, but that's because it doesn't seem to affect me and I'm ignorant of what other options are out there. Our system is being bad-mouthed many places on the internet, especially by Americans opposed to their system going public. Is it that bad?

Is it okay to tell people we're upset with things? Online people sure feel free to vent, but why do we tend to hold back face to face, why not say, "Hey, that is upsetting"? Are negative people bad?

Does the television make me less inteligent? What would happen if I didn't know everything I think I want to know about Hermes handbags? About who makes how much or who's off to prison? Don't I now have enough knowledge to take the edge off my naivete? Wouldn't it be safe to take the training wheels off the bike, turn off the tv and start applying what I know?

And how does that apply to Church? Do we get too wrapped up in doing church and not get wrapped up enough in being The Church?

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Sabrina said...

hmmm, challenging. thank you