Sunday, June 21, 2009

Song for the Day after Father's Day

The Rub Of Love
Chagal Guevara

Dad said he wanted a boy

Held me like a bundle of joy

These days, don't even smile

Like I'm cramping his style

Son, it's not true

Of course I love you

But the pressure keeps building again

Dad's gone AWOL

Absent without leave, and

The rub of love

Dad's not talking at all

Everything's making him mad

Used to come running to him

Now I'm learning to crawl

Son, get used to the cold

You'll soon have to face it alone

Please stop holding my hand

You're getting too old

Heard him last night

Say, "The boy's all right

But the father thing still doesn't fit

Gotta get away for awhile

Gotta find out who I am"

The rub of love

What was that vow you made?

What about the girl you wed?

Worked double shifts to keep us fed

Dad says he sorted it out

Got himself a better career

Had himself a new baby boy

Another bundle of joy

Every other week, on visiting day

I get tolerated by his new wife

I swear if you ever really held me

They'd have to pry me off with the jaws of life

The rub of love

What was that vow you made?

Was that too much to bear?

Dad, do you really even care?

That isn't love


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you posted this but I'm glad this isn't about our dad

Inside Out said...

No, not about our dad, just a sad song. Something to sober me up in these heady days.