Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Holy The Firm

Holy The Firm was a great book by Annie Dillard. I thought of it today though unrelated to the book or Ms Dillard.
I was thinking of our current state. The economy is quivering, some are losing work, many more are disheartened.
Politicians are selling out. I guess even they are worrying about losing their jobs in this climate.
It got really cold this week again. Really cold.
Its too busy. Everywhere.
Its too fake.
Its too plastic.
Its too much debt.
Its not enough credit.
Its who knows what to do?

Our governments can't save us. What does this new guy, what's his name, Obarack, what does he know? Warren Buffet can't save us. Bill Gates has left the building. Tiger Woods has gone back to golf, he must not be the messiah. Donald Trump doesn't have the cash. Bernard Getz is out shopping for new screwdrivers. The Wonder Pets only take calls from baby animals, not people acting like babies. Lawrence of Arabia (sorry to break it to you) is dead. Alexander the Great is crying in his tonic water. Nero is fiddling, and WE'RE BURNING HERE!

But The Holy, is firm. He isn't shaken by this. He is in control.

I was pondering little Jesus today. Jesus of the 3 or 4 year old variety. Imagine him, learning vowel sounds. Or jots and tittles. Imagine him trying to fasten his sandal correctly. Why doesn't he just do it? Why is he wasting his time "growing in wisdom and stature"? Why doesn't he just show up and settle the matter once and for all? I've already scarred my 2 and 4 year old enough in their short lives, that likely they're twitching in their sleep right now. Isn't Jesus worried about Joseph and Mary setting him off on some Himalayan search for purpose (only to find Rick Warren) through their sheer ineptitude? Isn't he afraid that a passing chariot will knock him over and derail the whole plan? Isn't he worried that people will recognize him as the Messiah and decide not to kill him? Isn't he afraid that as a little baby his mother will offer him an unwashed stone (quiet nod to Mom here) and end up with some fatal disease? How come he lets all these unknowns just happen to him? Why, he practically lets fate lead him around with a blindfold on...
God lets go of what He can. He's big enough that nothing gets out of control. He can drop all kinds of things we'd worry about and not even bat an eye. He has the end result. He is in this moment. The one that has you right now staring at the period. He is firm.

When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.

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