Monday, April 07, 2008


I've noticed my lazy parenting skills recently. Its so easy to get frustrated with boys who are not behaving or heading toward potential problems from across the room. Next thing I know I'm raising my voice or getting one of them in trouble when I know that I could have prevented things by being near. I know this because when I stand up or begin to move in their direction, suddenly misbehaviours cease! Does my moving toward them indicate vengeance or punishment, not necessarily. It should indicate a desire to direct, protect and guide.

So then I was thinking about God.

God reminds me in 2 Timothy 3:16 that scripture is useful for teaching, correcting, training, and rebuking.

God came near to me, not so that I would be afraid, not to impress me with how awesome and big He is, not to get me in trouble but to show me love.
Think of the curtain in the temple at Jesus' death. The Bible tells us that it was ripped in two from top to bottom. We now have access to God, to that holiest of all places. And yet, I was thinking in terms of God and His movement toward us. He stepped out. He drew near. He made Himself known to us. He got tired of yelling at us from across the room and came near to us.

Hebrews tells us, chapter 9 I believe, that Jesus entered that true holiest of all holy places by going directly to the throneroom of God. Not just the earthly, symbolic separation has been torn down, but the real separation has been removed also. We now have access by grace, to come boldly before our God and see Him for who He is. What a comfort that is.

Revelation 5 reminds us of that in visual form too. The Lamb, from the midst of the throne opens the book and reveals the book of life. God, Himself, opens the way for us, when we couldn't do it.

So, now that God has gotten up and made His way across the room to us, what are we going to do?


Anonymous said...

I never thought of it that way but I think you're onto something here!

Patti & Bruce said...

Tell him thank you.

Inside Out said...

That would be a great reaction!!